Temecula Valley Wine Country Balloon Adventures

Phone: 800-965-2122
Flights Your escape awaits you over the beautiful Temecula Valley wine country. Experience peace and serenity while drifting over vineyards as the sun rises over the mountains. Take flight with the birds and observe wildlife marveling at the sight of a beautiful hot air balloon floating overhead. View lakes, citrus groves, wineries and estate homes from your unparalleled view in the air. Your adventure begins at sunrise as cold air inflates your beautiful seven-story hot air balloon. We invite you to participate or sit back and observe the process. Our certified commercial pilot will navigate the flight with your safety and enjoyment in mind. During your one hour ride the pilot will also act as your "tour guide" to identify local points of interest and answer any questions that you might have. The pilot communicates throughout the entire adventure with trained ground personnel. The crew will follow the balloon and will assist with your landing.